Seraphim Asian Grill

Indianapolis's Newest & Most Authentic  Asian Restaurant

You'll find options from traditional pork bone broth to spicy coconut curry.


Fresh, handmade noodles made from scratch in our kitchen - it doesn't get better than that.


A traditional style of coal grilling where food is grilled over a large irori.


Our Story Begins In The East

Fresh local food made by real people - bringing authentic flavors of the East to the West.

We've been concerned by the rise of the processed food generation and the departure from nutritious, local food sources. Our kitchens want to reverse that trend. 


What we will always do best is prepare real food, by hand - made from fresh ingredients like non-gmo vegetables sourced locally whenever possible. Our special sauces are house made, with no added MSG.

We support sustainable & ethical producers that deliver a premium product with trusted transparency.


For us, sustainability is not a trend - it's a way of life.


"When you drink the water, remember the spring"

Yin Shui Si Yuan